Actress Seo Shin Ae signs with PA and prepares for fresh start

Article: Seo Shin Ae signs with PA Entertainment… in discussions for next project

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+265] Hmm…? Isn’t she the kid that ruined Seo Soojin’s life?

[+161] From what I’ve found, it’s that Seo Shin Ae posted a false account with lies…
– [+12] What I don’t get about this claim is what does Seo Shin Ae have to gain by lying about something like this? And ruining someone else’s career? Especially if her lie could easily be found out and would ruin her in turn? It makes more sense that Seo Shin Ae gave her account because something actually did happen. Especially if Seo Soojin herself has been known for smoking and drinking through school anyway…
– [+11] ^ That doesn’t mean her account is true, though. People demanded evidence and she didn’t have any evidence to put out. She closed her comments and everything ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
– [+11] ^ Seo Soojin did not both smoke and drink, just smoke, and she can be criticized for that, I agree, but it can’t count as evidence that she was a school bully. Why I don’t believe Seo Shin Ae’s account is that the bullying rumors said it only happened when Seo Soojin was a freshman, and Seo Shin Ae said she transferred their sophomore year. In another DM with someone else, Seo Shin Ae admits that she wasn’t exactly sure if Seo Soojin was a part of the bullying group or not. She kept changing her story, which makes it hard for me to believe her. As third parties, we’ll never know. 

[+58] I support Seo Shin Ae actor-nim!

[+54] Wishing her only happiness ?❤️

[+53] I think it’s going to be difficult for her to find a character that fits her because of her babyish looks despite being an adult now.. She may be in “discussions” for future projects, but how many offers will she actually get?

[+27] This girl again?

[+22] Hmm..

[+19] She’s gone through a lot of emotional suffering.. let’s keep going forward, fighting!!

[+18] Hasn’t she been in controversy? 

[+14] Fighting to Seo Shin Ae actor-nim

[+6] Tsk

[+3] And where does she think she’s crawling back out to now? 

[+3] Give us back Seo Soojin ㅜ

[+1] She’s the one that ruined Seo Soojin’s life

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