Netizens are amazed by NCT as well as Twice, which has no COVID cases despite a lot of members

1. There are numerous organizations that haven’t been able to catch yet, but it’s quite amazing that NCT hasn’t found it yet considering the many their members are. I’m sure that they’ve been cautious.

2. How do you get 23 people and nobody has noticed it? It’s amazing.

3. It’s truly incredible that NCT is free of charge. It’s a constant discussion of having their noses poked constantly and it’s a heartbreaker. Make sure they protect their noses.

4. Amazing. NCT has the same number of members as a classroom in a school however, no one has been had a positive test.

5. NCT amazes me.

6. It’s the case that NCT never ever leaves the house.

7. NCT is a homebodies. When fans accounts of them appear, my first reaction is”huk? My kids have were gone?

8.Twice’… They’ve cancelled their entire international dates and are living in dorms during every concert they perform.

9. Lucky that Twice isn’t yet catching it even in international tours.

10. It’s because they’re domestic.


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