Fifty Fifty’s CF and various merch drops along with ship footage

Article: Fifty Fifty’s CEO even invested the 90 million won that his 90-year-old mother spent her entire life saving.

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+2,585] The problem here is that if the Fifty Fifty wins their claim, there will be no hope for any other small office. What if a small group on TikTok goes viral? It takes another big, rich company to sweep in and take it all for themselves…

[+1,705] A group like this is nothing more than a distraction. No one should buy a single album from them. Members shall be prohibited from promoting such business again. Canceling every trophy they’ve ever won at music shows.

[+2,339] Even the CEO invested in 2-3 years of English lessons for the members… I feel sorry for him

[+975] They are the ones who came to him and wanted help to achieve their dream of becoming an idol, and now that they have tasted that fame, they act like they came here on their own. .

[+808] Bang Shi Hyuk was also burned by Glam, which is why he no longer wants to form his own girl group.

[+769] The best thing they can do now is cancel their claim, apologize to their CEO, and reinterpret their story like the parable of the prodigal son.

[+327] For those of you who don’t understand how the idol business works, think of a company that spends a lot of money and resources in R&D to develop a product that became popular, but for another company that comes to inside and out.

[+214] I feel bad for the CEO;; even if he wins the court and gets his share back, it has been taken over by the public, and he will not be able to get his money back.

[+324] I rarely team up with the organization but here I am with the CEO!! Fruit!! Find strength!!

[+83] Even the words of hate are wasted on them

Article: Internal and external emotions are not good in the girl group Fifty Fifty, “The group betrayed a 90-year-old woman”

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+418] Betrayal-ty Betrayal-ty ㅋㅋ

[+274] I don’t believe any of the members are smart enough to realize that their popularity is based on one good song chosen by their own will ㅋㅋ but it’s not because any of them are anything special.

[+387] Aigoo… maybe they think they’re on the New Jeans stage

[+473] They were on Billboard at one point and quickly betrayed their own CEO

[+283] I never knew a group that liked him even existed until all these stories were posted.

[+357] We will see them on “where are they now?” in the next few years ㅋㅋㅋ

[+73] I wonder if the members know… the whole reason they’re popular is because their CEO spent a ton on viral marketing on TikTok?

[+53] We know their song but not their face. Just re-enter them with new members.

[+28] I remember EXID taking two years to start paying… which is on the fast side for the industry.

Article: All of Fifty Fifty’s CF and various shows have been canceled so far

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+128] All the other popular girl groups didn’t start getting paid until 1-2 years later… I can’t believe they couldn’t wait any longer long and kick their work out like this.

[+101] I just feel bad for the company in all of this

[+100] You know what, they just let the representatives work with their production instead of the Chief Executive Officer. I want the CEO to have a fresh start in a new boy group and live a better life after all this.

[+92] They kicked their own luck out the door

[+91] They ruined their own lives, legends ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+48] They are so stupid…

[+17] Just to be fair, why would they expect to pay before they’re even a year into the startup? Despite all the investments made by their CEO, he gave them a 3-bedroom apartment in Gangnam to keep their spirits high. Even big agencies won’t do that for you. And this is more than the hundreds of thousands that are spent on lessons for them every month. All the popular idols from the big companies didn’t start paying until after 2-3 years.

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