As Expected From A Hero, Im Youngwoong, Saves Lives At the Site of an Automobile Accident

Meaning: Youngwoong = hero of Korean

On the 21st, on Olympic highway, he was the very first to report an automobile crash’

Singer Im Youngwoong protected someone in serious condition in the scene of a vehicle crash.

As a direct result of Star News’ premium coverage on the 23rd, Im Youngwoong called for very first aid actions including operating CPR within the car owner that lost consciousness in the scene of a road traffic crash close to Banpo Bridge within the path of Yeouido around the evening of the 21st in Seoul Olympic daero.

Based on officials, a crash happened around four or maybe five pm that morning, when a van collided with numerous vehicles & collided with a guard rail.

Amidst the congestion brought on by the crash, somebody headed towards the driver ‘s hold of the crash car, and also discovered the female in the passenger seat waking the subconscious male car owner.

Based on eyewitnesses, it has been Im Youngwoong who provided very first aid on the car owner around the crash. Right after shooting first aid actions for the car owner, Im Youngwoong got the distracted car owner from the automobile as well as laid him down together with the accompanying officials, covered him by using a blanket and also sustained urgent methods. The 119 recovery crew showed up in the scene and also was capable to carry the car owner that was conscious.

A Seocho Fire Office official stated in a call with Star News around the 23rd, “When the paramedics showed up in the scene, eyewitnesses declared a male assisted within the recovery, and also wrote on the man’s title as well as communication info, etc. and once I validated after, I recognized it was actually Im Youngwoong.”

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10. It is intimidating to reanimate somebody who is shed consciousness by providing CPR, this’s incredible


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