Will there still be a place in 2023 Cinderella chaebol cliches like ‘King the Land’?

Article: From unruly workers to an Arab prince… What love has ruined in ‘King the Land’

Source: Korea Ilbo via Naver

[+77, -14] Please just watch these stories or whatever. Conspiracy is very common, don’t start drama out of nowhere ~ this is really bad… tsk tsk tsk

[+29, -3] The whole point of stories like this is to provide an escape from your boring life in a dreamy version of a Cinderella story. Just smile and enjoy it. I know these stories are better than the blood-soaked makjangs full of issues.

[+28, -4] Just watch it for … no reason to nitpick like a law-abiding mother. It’s a simple drama to divert your attention. It is not meant to be a record.

[+22, -4] Aigoo, very disappointed… but don’t watch it, then. If all the stories are true, it’s no fun, is it?

[+18, -4] I watched this over and over again with my husband.. and it’s a drama for the first time in a while that you can actually enjoy the moment without thinking too much or anything. It feels like a playground of innocent souls… No murder, no conspiracy, no dirt or anything to scare you. It’s a great break to get away from your life for a while. I hope the author and PD continue to create more stories like this to help wash our minds from the heavy thoughts of real life, just something that allows us to breathe and enjoy something without burden. Please ignore negative news like this. Fruit!!

[+17, -3] Fake news is what makes a story a story, right? This is a lot of fun, and I hope that the actors and the director, the author-nimo will find the power.

[+13, -0] Viewers don’t care about all this PC stuff. We only want justice, love, purity, excellence… just whatever pleases and makes our hearts happy.

[+12, -1] Don’t think too much about it, it’s a joke~~~

[+13, -3] This drama is riding lightly on the backs of Soshi and 2PM fans, no? Because I knew that he was a big child who was awtch… Then I heard that he was under controversy for showing the good culture of another country. It shouldn’t just be “a drama” when you all know that we will be the first to be up in arms if another country shows how bad Koreans are in their propaganda. …

[+9, -0] A childish dharma, though …

[+9, -0] I like it for what it is… and there’s nothing like killers or bullies in it. I also really like the sponsors. Secretary Noh is so cute.. ㅋ

[+9, -0] In any case, the drama will make you smile for 80% ^^ don’t think too much about it, watch it or whatever ^^ good luck ^^

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