Seraphim Yunjin, male fans who read feminist books are dissatisfied

article: Male fans are now disliking Le Seraphim's Heo Yun-jin after she was caught reading a book by a feminist author.

source: Insight through Instagram

[+340] The way we understand ‘feminism’ in our country is very different from the way we understand ‘feminism’ in other countries.. I wonder where we went wrong.

[+163] I love you Jin-ah Yoon

[+140] Haha, I wish those guys would at least read a book.

[+111] No problem…

[+54] These men didn't say a word when Yoo Jae-seok and RM read '82 Kim Ji-young', so why are they all with their arms around Yunjin?

[+43] In the past, I read a lot of books written by scientists, but does that make me a scientist too?

[+23] Can't he read anymore?

[+20] Let her read what she wants~ Why is your life so twisted~

[+14] Korean men better shut up if they don't want to embarrass us all over the world.

[+6] Who cares what she reads? What does that matter to any of you?

[+5] She's no longer running to be my wife

– [+80] Oh, my lord ???????? I'm sure Jin Yoon is shocked that she can no longer run to be your wife ????????

[+0] Why are Korean men like this?

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