All of Us Are Dead director apologizes for the over-the-top portrayal of sexual assaul

1. It’s a lot worse in real life.

2. Director, you don’t have to apologize. In reality, it’s much worse and something that individuals should be conscious of. When will we be able to remain quiet about these issues and then sweep them under the carpet?

3. I believe this show is an evocation of our own reality. Our world is a lot like this, and that’s why we must be more attentive to our children. Thank you for demonstrating this through your work. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone in one go.

4. I’m not sure why people find it uncomfortable , when it’s actually an example of what’s happening at the moment..

5. What was it that people found to be “excessive” about it? ?

6. Yes, it’s much more serious in real life. I would like to see kids realize that this is a terrible habit..

7. The film involved sexual violence… what kind of people imagine it to be like? Some melodrama? What is the best way to present it in order in order for the message to be properly conveyed? Do people realize that it’s much worse in actual life?

8. We should be focusing on the fact that things are more difficult in the real world than it is in these imaginary scenarios

9. People are really uncomfortable with everything So it’s pretty up

10. It’s even more uncomfortable in the real world… maybe the people who were uncomfortable are school bullies?


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