[INSTIZ] Illit Yuna, I really feel like Karina

My face is small and my chin is pointed.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Illit Yuna, I really feel like Karina.
1. Looks like Kahi
2. It reminds me of After School.
3. Do you remember Senna from Fifty?
4. I see, she looks like Kahi.
5. They look exactly alike when they smile
6. Looks like Kahi
7. Oh, I thought it was just me who thought that way… I didn't mention it because I thought people wouldn't like the comparison, but I can feel the vibe in the video…
8. Oh really
9. Yuna is pretty, but her image is very different from the rest of the group, and she stands out as being much more mature than the other members.
10. No, if you look at their performance, you can see that their aura is completely different.
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