Le Seraphim, live performance at ‘2024 Weversecon Festival’

article: After the 'controversy', Le Seraphim's live performance is full of confidence… The dancing is also leisurely.

source: X Sports News via Nate

[+73, -7] If Hong Eun-chae had only apologized properly, I don't think this group would have fallen this far.

[+70, -2] Did you know that this was written by X Sports reporter Yena Kim?

– [+14, -1] Oh, the reporter who attended Min Hee-jin's second press conference? lol

– [+20, -1] As expected…awesome

[+50, -1] Reporter Kim Yena is probably too busy to attend this event. Where does she find the time?

– [+7] lol

– [+2] lol

[+38, -4] So now just holding a microphone qualifies me as a singer?…

[+7, -41] Because their dancing is so difficult. Yunjin and Chaewon have proven their live skills in the past.

– [+8, -3] You can hear their AR sounds…

– [+1, -1] So you're trying to say that the singer decided to give up vocals to focus on dancing?

[+5, -1] Everyone needs vocal lessons

[+5, -0] These days, there are so many idols who say they are singers and do everything with AR lol.

[+2, -0] Reporter Kim Ye-na's post about Min Hee-jin getting angry because she was too busy at the press conference^^

[+1, -6] Well done❤️ I support you. Please show great performances in the future as well❤️

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