Entertainment star Jonathan passes Korean history test to prepare for naturalization

article: Jonathan passed the Korean history exam while preparing for naturalization. “I will study again for the level 1 exam.”

source: Sports Chosun, via Nate

[+216, -6] Seungjun Yoo, are you reading this? This guy is naturalizing at the risk of having to enlist, do you think your local a$$ can get away with all this? Natani, fighting!

[+64, -3] Wait a minute, isn't he Korean? Hahaha I didn't know you were a foreigner haha.

[+54, -2] Jonathan, congratulations!

[+21, -3] I'm not surprised at all because you always have diverse knowledge about history haha ​​I always thought you were Korean~

[+6, -1] he was really cute

[+5, -1] He deserves to be recognized as a Korean. I'm always in awe watching him on shows about Korean history. He is very knowledgeable and knowledgeable. He is Korean.

[+4, -2] he is so attractive

[+4, -1] If Real Men is revived, I think it will be number 1 haha.

[+3, -1] His spirit lives on, he's the best

[+3, -1] imposing..!

[+2, -1] I always thought he was already Korean lol Good luck

[+2, -1] I support him. Since it is too late to solve the low birth rate problem, we should focus on accepting immigrants who love our country so much.

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