[PANN] Wendy's face has changed so much

It becomes even clearer that Eunbi still looks the same.

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Article: Wendy’s face has changed so much.

One. [+95, -20]
? But Kwon Eunbi also changed?
2. [+97, -9]
I was in my prime, but after that I started touching my face, why…?
three. [+75, -10]
In the first photo, Wendy's face looks different from before the incident. Wendy, she was so pretty with her short hair before… but she had so many scars that she had to rest for almost a year. Do you think she will be able to keep her face the same as before? ? I think he made her blush once again. because? She looks a little unnatural at first, so I like his face better now. And now he has lost a lot of weight. Wendy wasn't fixing her face the whole time, she was fixing it because it was injured. If you were in his shoes, you would do the same.
4. [+56, -30]
Wendy suffered injuries to her facial bones in the accident, and this is how it ended up. So what is her point in saying “Why has it changed so much?” “Why did you have surgery?” …Apparently her face has recovered since then and she'll be getting a little retouching here and there. Aren't you embarrassed to punch someone in the face without knowing what happened? Or do you think nothing of it?
5. [+48, -5]
Wendy's fans are really using the accident as an excuse lol. They've been touching her face since debut and are still touching it now. How long are they going to mention the accident?
6. [+42, -1]
She really looks like Lee Na-yeon from Transit Love.

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