[PANN] Baemon Ah-hyeon's new video has been released.

I listened to some of Ahyeon's recorded voice in Baemon's song and it was good…

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Article: Baemon Ahyeon's new video has been released.

One. [+10, 0]
Ahyun is so pretty
2. [+8, 0]
It may be too late, but it seems like Ahyeon was very sick. It's been a while since I've seen her, and she's still pretty, but she looks thinner, so I think that's why I'm pushing ahead with Baemon's debut plan and just adding her.
three. [+6, -1]
How long has it been since you heard Jung Ah-hyun's voice? I can not believe it.
4. [+5, 0]
She has a pretty face, but I think I've only seen her with a lot of makeup on. But when you look at her like that, she looks very innocent.
5. [+2, 0]
I think Ahyun will get prettier as she gets older.
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