Irene, Joy, and Yeri were criticized for their attitudes on the show “Blind”?

1. I’ve seen her fans put up shields. But for you to be able to write about Blind you must authenticate your account using an email address that is linked to your business. Make sure you are aware of these things before you defend Blind.

2. Wendy simply looks so lovely on her own.

3. Seulgi as well as Wendy are lovely and gentle. They are perfect

4. Wendy is a tireless worker. I believe she’s really a caring person inside.

5. There’s an explanation for why Seulgi as well as Wendy are always the most beautiful to me.

6. Everything else aside I do remember that we had an event for career fairs at our school in the past and a writer from the broadcast industry gave a talk. The question section was where one person asked which celebrity had the most appealing character. they responded that Wendy was a great character. I’ve always been awed by her, but hearing this inspired me to love her more.

7. Wendy’s just. I’m left wondering what it takes to be so nice

8. Let’s face it, Irene does not have an enviable attitude. People who shield this too much can only make the situation appear worse for Irene.

9. There could be a reason Seulgi as well as Wendy are close friends with identical personalities. I would like to see them form as a team

10. It’s not appropriate to judge career paths however I believe idols get much more than they merit. They think that their fame could be a sign of their status or level in the society. They should instead think of the effects their influence has to the society, and to be cautious and return the affection they receive. It’s not necessarily about the idol featured in the video, but it’s the theme of idols generally.

11. Even in the face of controversy over attitude that are a result of being part of a huge firm like SM will allow them to put it in the trash and renewal your contracts. I’m sure that celebrities who are part of large companies behave this way because they are aware that they’ll be able to do it. It’s not something that can be changed quickly. I believe that women lacking character tend to become more evil as they get older.

12. Incredible for me is that she’s been able to make it this far in a time in the midst of several scandals in the past.

13. Whatever she does her way, she’ll still be loved by those who consider her queen and princess. I’m always feeling like Irene has it simple in comparison to other stars and I guess this is the appeal of being into a reputable company.

14. Faces can change, but the character will never change.

15. I’ve always been a bit off Yeri due to her manner of acting so I’m not overly surprised, however I’m astonished by Joy. Blind is a website that requires you to authenticate the e-mail address of your company to use for writing. So they must be thinking that they’re special more than everyone else due to the fact that they’re the most famous celebrities in a powerful business. It’s not a good idea to have idols as they are.

16. If this is true, it’s really giving me goosebumps about how fake celebrity images could be.

17. There’s one thing for certain, Seulgi and Wendy have never been the subject of negative criticism about them, so they’re the same off and on camera.

18. I’m not sure what the reason is for people to be surprised. It is evident by watching them on television that three of them are incredibly rude and two of them are extremely nice. The one episode of “Knowing Bros shows all of that, but I love their music and music videos, so I stay up to date with them. wish they all get up

19. Even if they have apologized, SM will always prefer to put this issue behind them and continue forward. SM has always preferred to protect its controversial characters. Personally, I don’t appreciate that fans are referred to as slaves However, when I witness fans protect someone with a awful character they truly appear like slaves.

20. It’s the three members of the five members that are most well-known for their persona. If it were only one person, I could imagine how it would be simple for people to overlook the issue. However, even in a situation such as this, fans are so consumed with defending their favorite stars. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to hinder them from loving the band, but.


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