Why did ENHYPEN kick out a Fan from Open Studio?


1. Wow! How’s it like owning just one fan visit your open studio?

2. I believed that ENHYPEN had some excellent songs but I then recognized for certain the reason why they were failing. It is not only a one time matter but a consistent happening and when they continue doing it I suspect any fan is going to ever stay.

3. Would it be humiliating for your open studio if no supporters displayed up? ( Just why would you kick a fan to be a sasaeng if you’ve zero supporters?

4. An open studio is exactly where anybody can simply stroll by and also meet you in case you dislike those who wish your photos, why did you turn into an idol? [191]

5. What is going on with them? When they’d their first show, I enjoyed them, however a bit has become different. Many individuals do not comprehend the benefits of supporters.

6. I would have provided a ninety degree bow for appearing if I had been him. Just a homepage master displayed up but nevertheless he kicked her out there.

7. Numerous idols lately… looks like everybody is 1 at this time. Becoming much more picky, we should choose only those who have the best characteristics and abilities.

8. .It’s possible he had been embarrassed that merely one fan displayed up.

9.  They launched with the Big Hit buff, therefore I do not believe they comprehend how important it’s having followers.

10. The idol group of which I’m a large fan used-to climb up to the windowpanes and provide everybody finger hearts.

11. Idols believe they’re royalty? A friend of their staff turned up at their open studio, not on a private agenda and he chose to deal with her like a sasaeng when she is simply there to snap his photos? When you handle your supporters this way how are you likely to get any remaining?

12. ENHYPEN is in lots of issues.

13. It really is hard to deal with the whims of idols when flight attendants discuss the way they will purposely not recognize idols on their flights and start treating them like various other passengers, just for the idols to look at them like they do not recognize them for real This man should be embarrassed he kicked out his first site master as if he was a superstar. How sad!!


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