Isn’t this person looking like Rose?

1. This person is famous for her copying Rose. The person is an influential. The hate commentors have cursed at her frequently to not copy Rose which is why she continues to say that “I’m not copying her. Stop”. It’s true that hate comments aren’t good and they are copying Rose..kk The style that she has on her Insta and the way she’s applying her makeup are utterly duplicates of Rose’s.. In all honesty, I believe that it’s natural for ordinary people to copy famous people. But, influencers profiting from copying others is not right (ex Minseo Gongyi) (Note Minseo Gongyi has been infamously dubbed an “influencer” who tries to be as Park Bogum – see ref below)

2. As a fan of a different group I can instantly tell she’s a Rose’s copycat. Her makeup is exactly the identical

3. Do you all are familiar with Toerong via YouTube? She’s the Minseo Gongyi of Irene. Every time I come across others who are like them, I’m very embarrassed…

(Note: Toerong for reference)

4. Isn’t she the girl that copies Rose? She’s famous for her copying Rose

5. She resembles Lee Youngji.

6. This is one of the people who is the copycat


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