A 9-year-old contestant on ‘Mister Trot 2’ revealed the anger he endured in public.

Article: The feeling of the 9-year-old on ‘Mister Trot 2’ shows how many hate comments he received

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+947] What a horrible life you lead to leave a hateful comment to a middle schooler…

[+742] Sick… What happened to you that you take your anger out on a child…

[+570] I hope that karma gets angry and their own children suffer the same anger that they gave…

[+414] To the people who believe that he must get used to hating information if he wants a career on TV, then I hope that the same opinion applies to you in the workplace and you are encouraged to endure it. all bad words from your bosses and injustice. office work because you want that paycheck, right?

[+400] It’s obvious that hate gains nothing for them in society so they take their anger out on a child, tsk tsk

[+258] I don’t think kids should be allowed to compete in a car competition in the first place

[+191] How can someone say this to a 9-year-old ㅜㅜ

[+54] If he wants to live on TV, he needs to get used to it

[+30] There are some children who seem to be born for the light. Being able to sing at such a young age is a talent in itself, what’s the point? Are you jealous? Sigh tsk tsk

[+15] Because most 9-year-olds are nothing more than poop generators but he’s talented enough to make his own money on TV to make everyone jealous.

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