[THEQOO] Today's Espa Ningning Versace style was really pretty.

It was really pretty today too…
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Today's Espa Ningning Versace look was really pretty.

1. Ningning is so pretty… ????????????

2. She’s the cutest these days

3. Ningning is the future…! I always thought she was really pretty.

4. No, but it’s really pretty;; How does it look so soft? Her pink suits her. Why is she so pretty?

5. Princess…

6. I thought she was the prettiest ever since she debuted. I like her hair and makeup. It fits well

7. She looks like Jenny

8. Wow, you really found everything that suits you best…

9. It's pretty, but the clothes are so wrinkled, or was it intentional…
10. I think pink looks really good on Ningning. Plus, it goes really well with Versace. The clothes weren't that great, but they went well with all the other clothes.
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