An idol song which is escalating the music chart by way of word-of-mouth

1. This’s the greatest latest male idol tune I have heard this season.

2. I love this track! This tune is a masterpiece. Do take a listen to ENHYPEN‘s songs

3. I love the song, I heard it for the very first time on Twitter and so I play it every day

4. I actually love this track, it reminds me of Winner’s feelings previously, however I have not paid attention to this type of song within a very long time.

5. I liked the intro so I continued enjoying it as I went along.

6. I love the song, I included it to it.

7. I truly love all their b side songs, there happen to be a lot of b-side songs which are much better compared to “Polaroid Love”

8. Among the greatest ENHYPEN songs to take a listen to.

9. The track is great and the melody is great, the sensation is new but warming.

10. Oh, I will include it with my playlist as well as enjoy it whenever I return house from work this afternoon.


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