[THEQOO] Aespa Karina’s ig update


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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: ig update by aespa Karina.
1. I love you
2. Wow, how can you take a picture like that… ㅠㅠ Damn, it’s pretty ㅠㅜㅜ
3. Is Jaewook good at fighting?
4. So is she in Bangkok? It’s so pretty I want to go too.
5. Karina is so fucking pretty. How can her shoulder line be like that? And my skin is so good, I can’t see a single pore, and the last picture is so pretty.
6. She is pretty, cute, and alone.
7. The last one is so cute lol
8. You’re so pretty, why do you always wear sunglasses? lol
9. Is that place Bangkok? Her makeup is very pretty.
10. I will take this experience as my own.
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