[THEQOO] Sohee Han updated her blog.

Hello everyone, you must have been very surprised to hear the story of the past two days.
There were also people who were hurt and greatly shaken. actually, [sé] I was told that it would be right to let you know through an article, but after thinking about it a bit, I thought it would be better for me. [transmitir la noticia] I decided to write this because I hope that through this publication, I can tell my fans that the pain you felt may be lessened.
First of all, it is true that we are developing a relationship with good feelings, but we would like you to refrain from using the word transit love. It is true that we met through a photography exhibition, but we got to know each other through a friend who is a photographer. I went there for a special purpose, but after hearing that we might be working on a project together, I stopped by to say hello.
Second, we shared our feelings for each other in early 2024, and broke up with him in early 2023. The two ended their relationship early, but it wasn't until November that news broke that they had broken up.
Based on what I heard, I confirmed my feelings for that person and continued the relationship.
Third, about my bad Instagram stories. I was a loser and pathetic. I should have kept silent. I think I got angry and behaved rudely for a while because I heard and saw many rumors and stories about an unpleasant love affair.
I would like to apologize to that person as well, and I sincerely apologize for not acting wisely towards you. Because this was an action based on emotion rather than reason, I unconditionally admit my mistake, regardless of the reason.
Fourth, of course, there are articles related to me, but they do not represent all of my thoughts and feelings, and my blog is the only means of communication with my fans, so I am sorry for coming to you so suddenly. I gave you good news, but it wasn't enough, and I'd like to say I'm very sorry to the fans who were upset and couldn't sleep after seeing and hearing about my situation. I always said this half jokingly and half seriously, but now that I'm turning 30, I can't let down my guard like this again. I feel like I still have a long way to go to try not to cause concern, but I am grateful and sorry that I was able to express my feelings even a little in this space, and I have a lot of ambivalent feelings. .
These days, I think the idea that I should only show my good side is ruining me even more. Because I live a life that values ​​results more than the process, I look back to see if I missed anything in the process. The reason you like me isn't just because of a few photos and videos.
Even if I don't have a cocky and arrogant attitude, if people see me that way, it probably means I already have a somewhat bad attitude. I think it's time to face it and go back to my roots and discover what I really wanted to do, what I liked, and what made me happy.
This is my first vacation in 2 years, so please leave a lot of comments/criticism so I can know if I've ruined it or not.

It breaks my heart to think of the fans who still worry about me during this time, but thank you for believing that I will become a better person, supporting me, and hitting me whenever I do something wrong.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but that's why I desperately want to do better and develop further. Now that I have learned how to control myself, I will come back as a more mature person. I'm sorry that every year I come across this dismal blog post that I rarely use. It's morning. Have a delicious meal. go for it.

Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen
Written by: Sohee Han updated her blog.

1. This girl’s personality is cool and refreshing haha.
2. It’s clear that it was well written.
3. Your personality is so refreshing.
4. Why is she dating him? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠI’m disappointed.
5. She is honest and cool.
6. It's honest and nice to see haha. And they also admitted to being in a relationship.
7. How can you criticize Hyeri even after reading this article?
8. No, but Hyeri dated that person for 7 years and started dating him less than a year later. Of course, she allows Hyeri to be angry.
9. Look at the people here cursing Hye-ri haha. It’s really funny.
10. I don’t really like Han Sohee, but she’s nice here and I hope she stays honest in the future.
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