Hani models for Gucci

Article: Hani the 'Human Gucci'… looks like a doll

Source: OSEN by Nate

[+43, -6] I don't think New Jeans look good with expensive clothes ㅠ

– [+5, -0] The truth is… They are so cute but they look so expensive that they usually borrow someone else's clothes ㅠ I know that the members have been brand ambassadors for each brand since the beginning, and I feel that the species should be forced to choose between. them or something else… It's really down to Jennie's talent to make all the signs like her

– [+1, -0] I think it's because they are so young..

– [+0, -0] That's because they are so young

[+26, -0] Whenever I see expensive New Jeans ads, they seem to put the brand name on the kids too fast.

– [+1, -1] It feels almost like their company's strategy, as if they are trying to raise the group's image from the bottom like how black pink's image rose when they became brand ambassadors.

[+20, -0] I think New Jeans fits brands like MLB better than all of these

[+14, -2] I like Hani and I like Gucci but I don't know if they should go together.. he looks better with other brands.

[+11, -0] Maybe that's the way it is now but I have a hard time getting into their music when 80-90% of their lyrics are in English;;;

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