[THEQOO] Song Ha-yoon's graduation photo and the time she played the role of 'Kim Byeol'

Her real name is Kim Mi-seon.

When he promoted himself as ‘Kim Byeol’

Now Song Ha-yoon
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Song Ha-yoon’s graduation photo and when she was acting as ‘Kim Byeol’
1. The victim may not be able to recognize the exact person…
2. Fascinating
3. Then I just drew the eyes…they looked cool.
4. I thought Song Ha-yoon was her real name.
5. Actually, she was pretty before, but she was a little different. My face is round, my nose is high, my lips are pretty, my eyes are big… I had a great success after the surgery.
6. How did they recognize her?
7. How did the victim recognize her?
8. Pretty
9. Wow, where did you get your eye makeup done? They turned out to be really good.
10. My expression before surgery was so scaryㄷㄷ My double eyelids have completely changed my impressionㅠ
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