The personal relationship between Song Ji-eun and Park Ji-eun is revealed.

article: Song Ji-eun takes care of Park Wi’s urinal and wheelchair.

source: X Sports News via Nate

[+167, -9] They fit so well together and are a beautiful couple, but I don't think Song Ji-eun's parents would be happy to see her do something like this.

– [+79, -4] No, they are definitely not happy.

– [+69, -3] I too am a parent of a daughter and I would not approve of that relationship either. Your daughter's life is basically condemned to having to be her guardian for the rest of her life, starting at such a young age.

– [+68, -2] I like that Mr. Park is honest and Song Ji-eun is honest, but I don't know if I should reveal everything like that if I'm not getting married right away. Urine streaks and the like are a natural part of living with a disability, but since she's a female celebrity with an image to maintain, she has to be more selective about what she shares.

[+121, -25] He's an amazing person and his courage is applaudable, but there's something about him that's hard for me to like.

[+94, -17] I think I have a nice person complex.

– [+10, -1] I felt that too…

[+71, -4] Usually, the responsibility of helping a disabled person go to the bathroom is left to parents, so it's surprising that they help.

[+51, -8] I remember Jang Dong-min and Nabi talking so comfortably.

[+13, -3] Why I'm Sharing This… Life is long and you never know what's going to happen

[+4, -0] Those people are so broken when they break up.

[+4, -0] If I break up with Song Ji-eun, my image will be ruined, so I have to marry her unconditionally.

[+3, -0] It's okay to help him with all of this when he's doing well, but if he's fighting, I feel like reality will take a toll on him.

article: Woori Park, “I get asked a lot if we can sleep together… It's possible” surprise confession

source: News via Nate 1

[+41, -17] There's something about that person's eyes that I don't like.

– [+1] Haha, I thought that too

– [+18, -8] I was going to say that too. It's kind of cold… but it seems like everyone feels the same way…

[+15, -2] I think it's inconsiderate to answer questions like this… It's a topic we can talk about even after we get married.

– [+3, -2] He's selfish. He is a celebrity and an idol, but he does not protect his image.. I am so embarrassed to reveal it like this.

[+10, -2] I feel like I'm really greedy…

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