What netizens think about Wanna One’s brand new YouTube Account?

Wanna One ‘s official YouTube channel is active.

1. CJ is actually disgusting

2. Do they really wish to be the official group once more?

3. I am interested in the profits division on that account

4. Whene I have a free time, I am gonna watch videos.

5. I have subscribed to the channel of theirs. I will enjoy it when I am bored

6. Is it the official channel made by CJ? Or perhaps was it developed by Wanna One ‘s organization before…? I ask precisely why they actually do this?

7. I am hoping Wanna One reunites!!

8. Kindly leave them on it’s own, is CJ insane?

9. If you have views, who receives the money?

10. Please leave the kids of ours by themselves, they’re all performing well

11. I am a fan of 1 of the members, though I dislike it. What exactly are they doing? Kindly stop now


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