Jeon Ji-hyun and Kang Dong-won begin filming the spy drama ‘Big Dipper’

article: Jeon Ji-hyun begins filming ‘Big Dipper’ with Kang Dong-won

source: X Sports News via Nate

[+56, -16] I wonder how many more buildings Jeon Ji-hyun will buy after this shoot.

– [+25, -5] That real estate greed~

– [+12, -2] If that person just pays taxes…

[+34, -58] Ah… I don't like Jeon Ji-hyun, but I have to watch it for Kang Dong-won haha.

– [+32, -12] Well, I'm watching it for Jeon Ji-hyun's sake, but I'm not a mean-spirited critic like you.

– [+7, -1] And I will keep a special eye on her.

[+24, -0] I'm sure the entertainment show will be a hit once it starts broadcasting haha.

[+19, -4] I wanted to see Kang Dong-won in his new drama.

[+2, -0] Isn't this the first time these two have worked together?

[+1, -1] Actually, I’m really looking forward to this combination. I think it would be fun

[+1, -4] Awesome~~~~~~~~!!

[+0, -0] I don't know… honestly, I don't think I can concentrate. Can there be chemistry with Jeon Ji-hyun and Kang Dong-won, mothers of two children? I wish I could work harder on my acting after ‘Jirisan’…

[+0, -0] The visual doesn't suit me… Kang Dong-won's facial features are too sharp ㅜㅜ

[+0, -0] I’m more looking forward to what writer Jeong Seo-kyung wrote than the two leads.

[+0, -0] Ah, it’s been a while since I saw Kang Dong-won on the small screen.

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