Suga attends the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event

Article: “No iPhone, only Galaxy” BTS Suga makes surprise appearance at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event

Source: Seoul Economy via Naver

[+1,655, -64] Now this is who I’d call a patriot..

[+476, -13] An amazing young man with deep thoughts

[+354, -9] He’s a singer but he really means so much more to our country. It’s amazing of him to consider our country’s economy as well.

[+119, -3] ㅋㅋ What a patriot

[+53, -1] A true patriot… putting our country on the map while promoting Samsung properly. I’m not a fan but I’ll always cheer him on to do well. BTS is the best!!

[+49, -7] Meanwhile Jang Wonyoung uses the iPhone without shame… Really puts the spotlight on stars like Kim Yuna who continue to use the products they advertise like J. Estina even after their contracts are over.

[+32, -0] A celebrity with a brain

[+26, -0] And this is why CF companies adore them. BTS is always so respectful and considerate ?

[+18, -1] Amazing. You don’t have to do big things to be a patriot. It’s the small things coming together that help our country.

[+16, -1] Considering how much of the market share Apple dominates among teen and twenties consumers, Suga’s decision is an amazing one. You can always count on him.

[+15, -2] So comparable to New Jeans

[+13, -1] It is quite amazing.. to be in a position in life where you don’t have to kowtow to companies like Apple

[+10, -0] There’s no better promotion than BTS saying “only Galaxy.” I bet you there are a ton of fans who switched from iPhones to Samsung.

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