Starship will file a lawsuit in response to hateful comments made about Jang Wonyoung

1. [+122] She’s still so young; what could she have done so wrong for people to despise her so much? Please pursue legal action vigorously!

2. [+113] There are many more women that like Wonyoung; it’s only that one female community normalizes hating on her… but that community dislikes on everyone, not just Wonyoung.

3. [+59] Just accept you’re envious of her… since when is eating a strawberry with two or one hand something to be despised on?

4. [+34] Please don’t make harsh comments for her because she’s still a juvenile. I’m sure all of you would have been in tears if someone had said anything so hurtful to you when you were 19. You see, Wonyoung wasn’t born with an iron heart.

5. [+25] When all you can see in front of you is personnel and cameras, why wouldn’t you attempt to appear your best?

6. [+22] Everyone accuses her of playing lovely, acting that… yet she’s just beautiful; it’s who she is. She’s a princess deity… I simply want you to read nice things, Wonyoungie, our princess.

7. [+13] It’s really awful for people to harm a child this way.

8. [+11] It’s only a strawberry; she didn’t request it. Why is it such an issue that she is eating it with her own hands?

9. [+6] I hope people would recognize that Wonyoung remains young; she is just 19 years old.


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