Choi Yena downloads and reposts ‘Hate Rodrigo’ music video

Article: Choi Yena’s new music video is secret

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+1,628] Olivia Rodrigo may feel like she was fired for nothing..;

[+690] And what has his agency or music video producers been doing all this time? They should apologize … to Yena. Because what did Yena do to deserve this? He was just following the instructions. You can’t copy ideas because you don’t want to do your own work.

[+597] There is a reason why you are not allowed to do more…

[+171] His team was failing in everything. With so much K-Pop has been through, a lot of research and questioning needs to be done before making this full comeback. There is a process in these things that you cannot miss, and they miss one of the most important things. Everyone is wrong here, both Yena and Yue Hwa are the same.

[+130] I see his fans defending him and saying he’s just doing whatever he wants, and I hope you know you’ve lost all rights to call him an artist if you go that way. He’s an “actor,” so to speak, but I think that’s the reality of an everyday idol.

[+108] The word ‘hate’ feels a little too heavy to use as a “humorous threat”…

[+68] Where does this very strange idea come from…

[+53] Whoever titled his song doesn’t seem to know what the word ‘hate’ is in international use.

[+50] Is the album a tribute to him? The hate? So why didn’t you use any other word except ‘Hate’?

[+14] I don’t want to support his opinion but from a marketing point of view, I have a feeling that his agency knew this would be controversial but pushed it forward for marketing noise. I’m sure ‘Hate Rodrigo’ is just an opportunity for his comeback. You can tell from the way the stories spend a lot of time explaining who Rodrigo is as an artist, and I think both sides are there as a marketing strategy. I’ve noticed a lot of rising stars from abroad are getting on top of the viral short stories that are trending in Korea.

[+7] Can’t stand the fans who always blame the scandal on the company but all the good things are confirmed by the idol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+3] I’m just in awe of this whole production thing from the title to the music video