Kim Heechul jokes regarding wedding plans as soon as the pandemic ends

1. [+100] I do not always find him being the most perfect marriage partner ㅋㅋ is he actually dating anybody at the moment?

2. [+95] And who is your partner?

3. [+48] Do you really even have someone?

4. [+46] Will corona finish this year? ?

5. [+42] I mean.. when corona comes to an end? So is he simply stating he plans to never ever have married…

6. [+6] He was simply saying this particular as a laugh, absolutely no requirement through the news

7. [+10] I cannot think he is currently forty yrs old though

8. [+12] Correct, you will find it difficult to get hitched the more aged you get

9. [+3] Wait, when did they break-up?

10. [+1] Yeah, very well, I do not believe corona is actually likely to be over


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