Singer Im Jae Hyun's new song took Taeyeon and Le Sserafim on Melon on red flags.

Article: Im Jae Hyun's new song takes out Taeyeon and Le Sserafim for #1 on the charts amid 'sajaegi stories'

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+319] The reason many people think this is because sites like Melon are important battles between idol groups where a nameless singer can't do without fans like he got #1. Maybe 20 years ago, but certainly not now.

[+178] Did he really think he could get away with thief #1 like that?

[+162] It's hard for uncredited singers to break into the top 100 on Melon, but just winning #1… I don't have to say it anymore, do I? ?

[+17] This song has so many #1's but has never had a concert, I wonder why?

[+68] You can hardly get on the charts these days even with 24/7 full time streaming, how did it get in ㅎㅎㅎ

[+40] Who is he?

[+32] She has a good song, but there is no meaning for her to be better than Taeyeon, Le Sserafim, and aespa ????????

[+11] Who is he..?

[+2] Well, unless something illegal is actually found and revealed, it's wrong to hate him.

[+0] Thanks to my Apple Music

[+0] This is why I switched to Spotify. Don't have to deal with Melon and all the sajaegi there ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+0] People are just mad about his YouTube views, karaoke charts, and Reels, and he's beating all of their favorite idols.

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