[INSTIZ] TWICE's Dahyun takes on the lead role right away… movie "It's the apple of my eye" Korean Remake

[INSTIZ] <a href=TWICE's Dahyun takes on the lead role right away… movie "It's the apple of my eye" Korean Remake

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TWICE's Dahyun was cast as the lead in the Korean version of 'You Are the Apple of My Eyes'.

According to a report by Xports News on the 13th, the popular Taiwanese movie 'You Are the Apple of My Eyes' will be remade in Korea. Here, TWICE's Dahyun was chosen as the female lead in the Korean version.
The 2012 Taiwanese film 'You Are the Apple of My Eyes' (directed by Giddens Goh) depicts the relationship between Koh Chen-tung (played by Kai Ko), the school's leading troublemaker, and Shen Zai (played by Shen Zai). by Michelle Chen), a model student who came to watch over him in a special way. It is a youth romance that was greatly loved in Korea as it brilliantly captures emerging emotions and depicts a new first love.
TWICE's Dahyun plays the role of a model student that everyone has a crush on. She is identical to Shen Chia-yi from the original.
In particular, Dahyun attracted attention as the first TWICE member to debut as an actress when she was offered a role in the independent film 'Sprint'. Dahyun, who is working with Ha Seok-jin and Lee Shin-young, is also trying to appear in a sports movie about track and field athletes.
A lot of attention is being paid to Dahyun, who made a brilliant debut as an actress, starting with sports films and then showing youth romances.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: TWICE's Dahyun was immediately chosen as the lead… Korean remake of the movie 'You Are the Apple of My Eyes'.

1. Can you act…? i like the original version
2. Wow… the original is my favorite movie, but you're remaking it?
3. Oh my…
4. Ah… I really like this movie, but please fix it…
5. It suits the image, but um…
6. Is this your first time acting??? And she takes leadership right away.
7. Can you act?
8. Wow, she is kicking off her career as a leading lady.
9. Please behave well
10. Can she…act…?
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