Kim Go-eun's 'Exuma' filming set staff suffered from physical aches after delaying the summoning of spirits

article: During the filming of the movie 'Breakfast', the staff members suffered from pain due to Kim Go-eun's spirit calling.

source: Insight through Instagram

[+329] Honestly, I've never seen a stranger movie than this;;

– [+14] Ah, I didn't think it was as strange as 'The Wailing'.

[+197] I think all scary movies come up with stories like this for marketing purposes.

– [+11] I think people with weak spirits may feel this way. Me too.

– [+32] Yeah, it's all marketing for the naive.

[+102] Well, I heard the director of this movie is a pastor… I guess I had to pray hard to get through this ????

[+15] But is this movie really good? I can't believe the reviews these days…

– [+26] Personally, I was immersed in the first half, but I lost energy in the second half.

[+19] Yes, it's closer to saying that the staff members were unwell because they had hangovers after drinking all the food the night before.

[+47] Amazing movie.. two hours passed so quickly????????

[+47] These things make you believe ghosts are real

[+9] Such obvious marketing

[+46] It didn't meet my expectations ????

[+37] Oh well, Kim Go-eun is not a shaman;; Let's not take too much bait.

[+15] I don't know if it wouldn't hurt to see someone digging a grave and singing.

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