Vera Wang continues to impress with her youthful beauty

Article: Vera Wang is 74 years old this year but she celebrated her birthday in a tank top and short shorts

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+290] A body like this cannot be found by anyone. It requires a lot of money + hard work.

[+203] I wonder how he manages the elasticity in his hands?

[+112] He is 74 years old but he seems to be very colorful ?

[+103] Be respectful

[+41] I think that people who control their weight throughout their lives don’t end up losing weight later in life. He looks good.

[+42] Her skin is unlike anyone else’s skin…it’s amazing

[+42] He doesn’t look like he’s in his 70s… more like 40 or early 50s. It’s amazing.

[+20] I can see this happening if he doesn’t weigh more than 2kg in his lifetime care.

[+16] He is so cute ?

[+3] How did he achieve this? Does he mix strangers and drink them for youthful beauty?

[+2] He also has a lot of hair..

[+2] We’ve known her for a long time, and she really is the queen of taking care of herself

[+-] She has an amazingly thin body but her skin looks so tanned.. How can this be achieved? By vigorous exercise..? Daebak…

[+-] Her skin alone looks like someone in her 20s or 30s

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