Eli reveals that he has no plans to reconcile with his son’s mother

1. When you get married, your wife and child should be your top priorities… I wish the in-laws would stay away if they truly want their son to be happy.

2. Why not live with his mother for the rest of his life if he is going to listen to her for the rest of his life? Why get married at all if he can’t handle the responsibility? I simply don’t get it. I feel terrible for the poor baby.

3. He needs to cut ties with his parents and focus on his wife and child. How can he still prioritize his mother as an adult? Jeez.

4. I’m curious about his definition of ‘harmonious.’ Is this what he means by having a harmonious family? ..

5. If they ever want to be happy, they must ensure that the mother-in-law never enters the house…

6. I’m not sure what he’s so tired of… Continue to console your wife. Being married entails putting in long hours for the rest of your life. You can meet any other woman and have the same problem in your marriage over and over.

7. I believe it is prudent that they are only spending time together for the sake of their child for the time being. Reuniting too quickly may exacerbate the situation.

8. Why is he changing his tune? He said he’d get back together with her once he returned to Korea, but now he says he has no plans to do so.

9. Eli is a hopeless case! He appears to have returned to living in the shadows of his parents.

10. Finally, his mother becomes a problem…


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