[PANN] Jang Wonyoung's skin is really good…

That's a Getty image of her skin. Is it real?

Wow, I can't believe your skin can look like that in a Getty photo shoot.
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Article: Jang Wonyoung’s skin looks really good..

One. [+41, -2]
No matter how much money you spend, stress and anxiety will affect your pores. Stress and lack of sleep cannot be cured with money. For people with irregular lifestyle habits, improving skin is really important.

2. [+39, -5]
It is something you need from birth.

three. [+23, -6]
Was Wonyoung Jang a hair and makeup stylist? He said my skin is very good.
4. [+21, -5]
he has baby skin
5. [+15, -1]
I'm curious about what you put on your skin when you put on makeup. It feels so natural.
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