Kim Sejung sends Yuqi a support message about her burnout

1. Her words in this post have helped me feel consoled.

2. That’s amazing. It’s difficult to reach out to someone as amazing as this. Find strength for Yuqi-ssi as well as Sejung-ssi. It’s getting warmer lately, so why not go to the cherry blossoms to cheer the soul?

3. Sejung is as expected! On variety shows, she was always so friendly and talented. She always left a positive impression on me.

4. She is so kind. She is not only a great singer, but also a great actress.

5. Sejung is the God.

6. God Sejung.

7. Are they angels?

8. Her heart is just as beautiful as her smile. What a kind and generous soul.

9. Wow! Yuqi must feel so strong.

10. Sejung’s is real.


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