[THEQOO] Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee broke up, but are the cast the same?… ‘Delusion’ still under discussion

Amid the news of their breakup, actors Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee are attracting attention for appearing in the next film 'Delusion'.
Showbox, the co-producer of 'Delusion', told Edaily on April 1, “There are no changes regarding the cast. We are still discussing it.”
He added that it has not yet been decided whether 'Delusion' will be produced as a drama or a movie.

It was previously reported that the two were cast as the main characters in 'Delusion', which is based on a webtoon.
'Delusion' depicts the story of an artist who receives a request from artist Yoon I-ho to draw a portrait of the attractive vampire Song Jeong-hwa. As time passes, her identity and her mysterious events are revealed, and the story of the painter who became obsessed with her also unfolds. Han So-hee was scheduled to play the role of Song Jeong-hwa, and Ryu Jun-yeol was scheduled to play the role of Yoon I-ho.
Previously, Han So-hee mentioned about her first meeting with Ryu Jun-yeol, “I went to say hello (to the photo exhibition) because I heard we could work together.”
Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee acknowledged their relationship on the 16th of last month, but announced their breakup on the 30th, about two weeks later. Attention is now focused on the casting direction of 'Delusion', which attracted attention with its joint appearance. Of interest.
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee broke up, but are the cast the same?… ‘Delusion’ still under discussion

1. It’ll still be really fun. I think they can really show off their true acting skills.
2. Let’s go to Hollywood style Korea
3. Putting everything aside haha, how do you select Ryu Jun-yeol’s photo for each article? Fuck hahahahahaha
4. Do you really think they will allow it? Haha. It would be awkward even for us to see.
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6. Oh right, there was something like this too.
7. But the acting of the two people is not very good.
8. If accepted, the excommunication would be astronomical.
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