[PANN] Did Joy make her double eyelids?

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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Did Joy make her double eyelids?

1. [+111, -3]
Joy's fans will obviously say that she didn't get her eyes done, but it looks like she redid them.
2. [+104, -11]
She became Yerinie…
3. [+101, -3]
But his eyes are so swollen, who would put the line so high above his eyes like that? I'm also tired of people protecting idols when they clearly made eye contact.
4. [+79, -5]
Her natural double eyelids were so pretty, why didn't anyone stop her?
5. [+61, -1]
Seeing it like this, I realize how important it is to know what looks beautiful on you. I have seen many boys who were already handsome in and of themselves, but because they want to fit into the beauty canons, they have surgery and look strange.

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