‘All of Us are Dead’ actor Lo Mon explains his ethnic background

1. I’m reminded of SHINEE’s Minho each time I come across him..

2. Gorgeous, amazing body, great actor and an Koryo descendant. He’s got a huge career ahead of him.

3. So that’s the reason you love him so much.

4. I could tell there was something very different about his persona

5. I could tell I could tell he was also mixed.

6. I’m third-generation Koryo. Mixed refers to people who belong to diverse ethnicities. A Koryo person implies that both grandparents are Koryo people by themselves. It is commonplace for Uzbekistan that Koryos to get married within their respective Koryo communities.

7. He sort of does give me Kwak Bu Sung impressions?

8. He was so beautiful as a child.

9. I think any Koryo person is an Korean person to me.

10. Daebak… Daebak is an actual Koryo person. Daebak is a descendant of Korean liberation activists

11. I’ve always thought that any country that has”-stan” as their title is brother-country of ours.

12. People from Koryo belong to Korean

13. I’m not sure why people are calling him mixed even though Koryo is Koryo;

14. It doesn’t matter if the guy is Koryo or comes from Uzbekistan or Uganda… I just want him to be attractive


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