[PANN] How did Espa become so white?

Winter is like white paper, Karina is white, and Giselle and Ningning also have white skin. It's just interesting.

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Article: How did aespa get so white?

One. [+19, -7]
SM is very adamant about skin whitening of idols. Look at Irene, Yoona, and Taeyeon. It only becomes whiter over time. They all initially had skin color closest to that of the common people.
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three. [+16, -3]
They usually wear makeup all over their body. That's not your natural skin color.
4. [+8, -10]
I think winter is originally white. The other members' faces really don't match their bodies.
5. [+7, -7]
Since winter is so white, the nickname is ‘snow’, right? Hahaha.
6. [+6, -6]
Winter is really white.
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