[PANN] Check out the location of Nmixx Jiwoo features

Isn't she totally JYP's style?
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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: See the location of Nmixx Jiwoo features.

1. [+89, -58]
The fact is that it has nothing that stands out for its beauty, so it will never be a great success.

2. [+83, -21]

Seriously she is so so pretty and looks cute….

3. [+73, -24]
All the members say that Jiwoo is the prettiest member, she is the most similar to JYP.

4. [+69, -19]
His face is flawless

5. [+61, -22]
She is the ideal type of beauty that JYP is looking for.
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