IVE’s Liz who seems to be stunning in real life

I think she is stunning these days, among all the female models.

She must be very beautiful on the inside.

First off the facial features of her are so distinct and 3D.

Looking at the gif which many claim is the closest to Liz in the real world, her looks appear to be standing tall by themselves.

She’s also tall, and has long legs.

I’m not sure if she’s has lost any baby weight yet but she’s gorgeous nonetheless.

It would be beautiful when you dyed your hair black in the future too.

1. It’s so mysterious, however, when she smiles she is so gorgeous.

2. I don’t think the blonde looks good on her. Her face will appear like it’s big and puffy.. Please, please give her black hair the next time.

3. There are many children on IVE with visuals similar to my style

4. Wow, what’s the deal with that black hair? ??!?!?!?!?!? The actress looks stunning in the first picture of her hair in black ….. The reactions would be a real treat If she dyed her hair black to make her next time.

5. Her dimples are gorgeous..

6. Liz is beautiful with a charming personality. charming and her voice is also very clear and stays in your ear instantly. I’m hoping she dyes her hair black soon.

7. Her dimples are absolutely crazy.

8. Her eyes are stunningly beautiful. They definitely give off mixed-race vibes.

9. Additionally, she is gorgeous. Her dimples are absolutely adorable.

10. I think she’d look prettier without bangs.

11. I believe that, in general the case of the entire IVE’s members sitting together her face is one of the best.

12. I like her dimples. It gives off classic Western paintings .

13. Her eyes have dimples and are gorgeous

14. I’m afraid I’ll faint when you dye your hair black.


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