[PANN] Wow Karina definitely looks like a snake

Snake-faced idols are really hard to find, but what's even more impressive is their visuals.

At the beginning of my debut, I was like a poisonous snake.

But now it looks like a baby snake.

Source: board / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Wow, Karina, you sure look like a snake.

One. [+69, -4]
Whether it's a snake type or something else, it looks pretty no matter who looks at it… It's so pretty.

2. [+61, -4]
If you look at the Illusion fancam, he also resembles a nine-tailed fox. she's so fucking attractive
three. [+59, -5]
The shape of the face is fucking V-shaped. The face is small and the facial features are delicate. I think it's totally sophisticated and incredibly pretty.

4. [+55, -3]
Who cares if she's a snake type? Your face will get you anywhere.
5. [+48, -6]
It's a really pretty snake… Karina's name is also Karina. I think it's really good. I can't put it into words, but it looks great on him.
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