The most talked topic on netizen blogs: This is Ryujin or Han So Hee?

1. Isn’t that Ryujin?

2. Isn’t it Han So Hee? I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it’s Han Sohee.

3. When I first saw this image I was thinking it was Ryujin But it’s actually Han So Hee isn’t it?

4. I believe it’s Han So Hee due to the mood of this image.

5. It’s Ryujin, right? When I first saw that cat I was thinking it was Han Sohee.

6. It’s easy to tell that it’s Han So Hee.

7. I don’t believe Ryujin as well as Han So Hee have a lot in common to me however it’s odd that I’m not able to identify who’s who when I look at this photo.

8. I was thinking it was Ryujin But the cat is Han Hee’s cat.

9. Han So Hee, it’s Han So Hee’s nose.

10. She is a bit like Ryujin however, I believe it’s Han

11. She is more like Han Hee.


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