[PANN] Three photos of Momo, Minnie, and Jang Won-young attending the Miu Miu show have been released.



Wonyoung Jang

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Source: board / translation: KpopNetizen
Photos of Momo, Minnie, and Jang Won-young who attended the Miu Miu show were released.

One. [+31, -2]
Minnie is casual, Momo is sexy, and Wonyoung is a princess. I like that all three have different auras.
2. [+24, -4]
It's clear that Wonyoung is the youngest of the group, and she's so cute.
three. [+17, -29]
No, but Momo is the most senior in the center and not Wonyoung. Why is it so funny? Haha.
4. [+14, 0]
But I wonder what kind of camera they use to make people always look like that. Getty Images always looks too stretched out in a different way.
5. [+13, -1]
Everyone is pretty
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