What do netizens think about Jay Park and BTS Jungkook’s combo?

Two images taken by Jay Park amd BTS Jungkook posted on Instagram.

1. It’s a wild combination Yuyu Jay Park know Jungkook is an amazing artist? What were you doing together in the studio? ???? I am in love with this combo yuyu You don’t have to be concerned about idiots . They simply appear to have fans

2. This combo is incredible.

3. Jungkook-ah, whatever you do I will be with you always. you.

4. I am in agreement with this combo Please do join in!

5. I am in favor of this collaboration. Jungkook fans everywhere are eagerly anticipating this collaboration.

6. I am in love with the two of the yuyuyuu. It’s great to have their faces together..

7. I’m not quite sure what it is but I’m looking ahead to it

8. It’s an unorthodox combination, but it’s greatkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

9. It’s like an studio. What is their collaboration? I really like the combination. I’m hoping that they will collaborate with Yuyu.

10. Do I have a chance to look towards it? ….?? It’s an studio ……dd


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