Netizens discuss their opinions on the question of whether Aespa as well as Noze is better suited for Eider




1. Noze is beautiful, Aespa is pretty and Han So Hee is beautiful too.

2. Noze’s appearance and aura are insane.

3. Noze is certainly skilled at making use of her body.

4. It’s not that I’m not a fan of Aespa but, in reality they’re not my style. Eider… It’s because I believe that a kitsch label is more appropriate for Eider.

5. I comprehend why Han Sohee has so many advertisements.

6. As I watch Han So Hee’s face, I can see what role model Eider would like to have.

7. The model is NingNing, and it appears to be from Taobao.

8. Since she’s a dancer she poses as if uses her body.

9. The idea and the design are crucial, and it’s almost like a totally different brand.

10. Noze’s facial expressions and poses are stunning.


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