MonstaX’s Minhyuk refers as “aces” to his fans in fan signing event?

At a fan signing, Minhyuk said:

“We have a tiny group of “ace”s that have gathered today.”


“Ah, aces?”


“There are “ace”s that have been lucky, or worked hard. Let’s have fun today.”

Twitter accounts for fans:

“Do they really believe that we’re angry at him for calling us “ace”s because it’s a term employed by bars with bar hosts?”

“The Monbebes paid lots of money for the fan’s signing, only to have him label them “ace”s.”

“I’m wondering what he thinks about the fans who didn‘t get it? What’s interesting about that “ace” word is that it’s obvious that he views fans as being a form of cash. What else can you say about your own fans this?”

“If you take“ace” in the “ace” word to mean some other thing, he’s creating levels for his fans. Fans who are spending an enormous amount of time and money on these events, and who are fortunate enough to have access to smaller fan-signings “ace”s. It‘s best to remain silent if he doesn’t understand the right term to employ in such circumstances. All he had to say was “thank you for taking the time out of your day to see us today.”

1. For all of the things you do, it’s good for your mental well-being to maintain a an adequate distance between yourself from them.

2. I’ve been an avid Monsta X fan for four years. And it’s not always been a appearance, but it was often enough that they’d be involved in a huge or minor scandal every time. Or Monbebes getting into fights over silly things. I’m fed up with it. Minhyuk has spoken out about some shady things a few times and fans have wondered whether he ought to be more careful. Minhyuk doesn’t have a filter for his speech. He might sound very fluid in his words, but his style is actually only one-sided. His tone isn’t geared towards the listener and this is the reason why these issues arise…

3. I’m sure people are constantly commenting that Minhyuk is famous for his honesty. is, despite being an idoland while it‘s a good thing his side, I observe when he crosses the line at times. It is evident by Jooheon and Kihyun’s expressions when they are in the videoAs a non-fan I‘ve always enjoyed watching video clips of Monsta X giving out lots of fan affection, so this comes as a shock to me.

4. He did not make a mistake in his choice of words. He used words that represent his true character. It’s not something that popped out from his mouth. His words reveal his unassuming nature.

5. I’m an avid Monsta X fan for 5 year… as well I’ve noticed that Minhyuk crosses the line frequently. You can tell it as it is, but when you’ve crossed the line, you’re just plain rude. The thought of this breaking my heart, but I do not want to defend someone just because I love him. The thing that is wrong is wrong. In the case of just one or two scandals I could dismiss it by saying “maybe it was an odd moment” however, three or 4 times… There’s evidently an issue at the heart there.

6. I’m an avid Monsta X fan too (though not for the length of time) and I’ve observed the fact that Minhyuk… how do I explain this… often does things in a manner that is a bit off-color? It’s clear that Minhyuk didn’t think certain things through. When he speaks I’m constantly thinking “Ah I‘m hoping that the speaker doesn’t make a mistake and hurt the other members by it.” …” I wasn‘t expecting that he’d do something like this however. I’m not sure if he intended to use “ace” as in the host bar “ace”s however I feel sorry for the guests who were sitting next to him when the conversation took place.

7. I’m not convinced you’d spend any money on male idols. You can do something nice for yourself using the money instead. Don’t think of male idols as more than just eye candy.

8. The fan who paid hundreds of dollars to attend his fan gathering “ace”s? It’s not just amazing that he’s divided his fandom in this manner, but it’s also bizarre to hear him use the word as if it’s no big thing. I can see it’s true that Monsta X fans are mad for the fact that this video has been posted being shown on this channel, but I believe you should be directed at your artist instead.

9. I’ve always thought that this group has been through many scandals that are not ever found out about as compared to other groups.

10. Aigoo, Minhyuk-ah. The poor Kihyun and JooheonTheir facial expressions. Watch your words.

11. He’s probably insane to refer to his own fans as “ace”s.

12. This is because people see it and believe that it’s fine and shut the eyes that idols believe they can do it without a problem. Be aware. If you are disappointed by an idol put aside money for them. Why would you spend your money on an idol that is like this?

13. Anyone who is normal would not be capable of coming up with an expression similar to “ace” in a situation such as this.

14. Please just have a calm day today. It’s the little scandals that continue to happen that make me mad, why is he acting like this today.

15. This is the reason you shouldn’t invest in male idols. They are a burden. You should be thankful for those who appear to have some thoughts inside their heads.

16. Sigh. I’ll admit Minhyuk is my favorite however I’ve always been a bit worried about his words without filter. Minhyuk hasn’t been the subject of any major scandals, but any controversy occurred was related to his words. I was not expecting such a thing would ever occur. I’m hoping he’s more vigilant for the future. At the very least to protect the other members.

17. It’s a common misconception that Minhyuk has a funny wit, always saying it as it’s… however, I’ve always been nervous about him crossing the line and just look at the low-quality word that came out of his mouth before cameras as this. It is clear what he was referring to by the way that the other actors appeared when he made the comment.

18. “ace”, are you insane.


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