Korean dramas failing it’s quality

Note: Post owner is comparing visuals.

1. I’d like to say that this is a bit uninformed… However it’s true the fact that there’s no any legendary stars from earlier times on our current dramas. People like Jun Jihyun, Jung Woosung, Kang Dongwon, Son Yejin, etc.. In the present, all young actors are beautiful but when you compare them to the looks of actors in their 40s and 50s at their prime They’re not worth the effort.

2. Just try to fit Han Yeseul as Gook Yeonsoo and Go Soo as Choi Woong. They don’t fit their image to any extent.. They’re casting those who match the stereotypes of the characters. Does the law require to recruit f*cking handsome attractive individuals?

3. The actors’ pictures have become downwardly standard

4. Personally, I like the current trends in entertainment. There’s more variety of faces and frankly, I am confused when we see scenes in dramas in which the actress is stunningly beautiful but in the script people call them “average-looking” as well as “ugly”? If I see scenes like which I’m left wondering “What the hell?”

5. Why did they choose this picture? ?… If you view the images in motion you’ll see that they’re really beautiful and gorgeous.

6. Naturally, we also saw more normal beautiful women and attractive males in the past

7. We don’t have beautiful guys that look like Go Soo, Kang Dongwon, Wonbin, Gong Yoo and Jung Woosung any more. It’s really a shame.. Today the trend is personal style… Even for women after Tae Hye-Ji (Kim Taehii,Song Hyegyo, Jun Jihyun) the results have been disappointing.. It’s an aspect, but I’m unable to determine how much their acting improved or not. If you take a look at Jo Seungwoo when he was in his 20s he was a star with incredible acting abilities However, nowadays, those in the 20s don’t be seen acting like a yuyu


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