Interview with Hanyu Yuzuru

He was giving interviews at the end of his practice.

He was asked by a Japanese journalist for his last words.

He stated:

“While I will try my best, I can’t ask you to cheer me up.

However, I think it would be great if you watched the game.”


This is my first encounter with him looking so gloomy.

He must have many thoughts.


1. Hanyu fighting… If you do your best, you can win it…

2. I hope he does his best and has no regrets.

3. He is so inspiring for his willingness to try new things, even if they seem impossible. I wish him good results.

4. Is this what is going on? What is the reason?

5. Is there anything wrong? Is he ill? ?

6. It doesn’t look like his condition is improving… But he has already realized all he needed to know so long as he continues to compete, everything will be fine. Perhaps Japan is pushing him too hard.

7. Why is his face so dark?

8. This is my first experience with him looking so gloomy. I pray that his mind is clear.

9. Although I thought he was mentally super-stable, it bothers me to see him say such things. He’s been able to win 3 consecutive victories so it’s impressive.

10. It looks like there is something going on. He’s not someone who has yet to accomplish anything so I hope he can compete peacefully

11. Fighting!! I wish he does something that makes him happy.

12. Nooo, I’ll cheer for you… aigo Hanyu find strength


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